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As one of the first schools in Colorado, founded in 1864, St. Mary's Academy understands the importance of forming community. We strive to build interdependent relationships that are affirming, inclusive, empowering, and compassionate. 

Our Community in Motion

  • New families are welcomed into the community by parent ambassadors and with summer playdates, meet-and-greet events, and new parent dinners. 
  • Family fun events include Chalk the Walk, Fall Festival, and the annual Gala.
  • The Academy Parents organization sponsors "routinely random" Snack Attacks for High School students. 
  • Latine Affinity Night in our Community Center brings families together to celebrate shared traditions. 
  • Students, teachers, and staff across the campus join together to celebrate shared traditions. 
  • Loretto Leaders in the Lower School partner with Loretto Community members to get advice on how to be an effective leader. 
  • Community Action Teams (CAT) in the Middle School provide a home base for early adolescent learners, facilitating social skills and fostering lasting friendships. 
  • Cross-divisional mentorships and the Big Sister/Little Sister program help students of all ages form close, supportive bonds.
  • Every Grade 11 student meets regularly with a St. Mary's Academy alumna for fellowship, mentoring, and access to pathways. 
  • Dozens of campus clubs and organizations spanning the grades bring together fellow artists, musicians, thespians, readers, writers, tinkerers, activists, and engineers. 
  • The Athletics and Performing Arts programs at St. Mary's Academy are powerful avenues for building relationships and realizing the benefits of teamwork and concerted effort. The community comes out in support.
  • Community outreach is a core component of an SMA education through formalized service learning, service projects, days of service, and dedicated hours toward graduation and a lifetime commitment to others. 

Through all the amazing and beautifully diverse communities at SMA, there wasn’t a single place that I didn't feel uplifted and inspired. My favorite memory is the Fall Festival. From the food trucks to the cake walks I loved it all and attended every single year since kindergarten.

Perry Rauzzino
SMA Alumna

Iswari Natarajan, President of SMA, surrounded by students smiling
Wide shot of parents and students in the Quad talking
High School Swim team circled around each other

There is an old African proverb that states: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. St. Mary's Academy has been an institution since before Colorado was a state. That longevity was achieved through community—not triumphant individualism, but shared vision.

Pete Sniegowski
High School Teacher

Every day the culture of St. Mary’s Academy encourages a close community of students and teachers dedicated to learning, working, and having fun together.