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We promote change in systems and in relationships that are oppressive. We work to create a better world in which people, especially women, are treated fairly and impartially. We empower our students to be bridge builders in pursuit of the common good. A sense of purpose is cultivated in our students and matched with academic and experiential pathways in developmentally appropriate ways. 

Working for Justice and Acting for Peace

  • Classroom lessons, assemblies, and guest speakers raise awareness of social justice issues and compel students to act through campus resource drives and service in the community. 
  • The long-time Loretto mission for environmental justice is fostered in students through lessons, coursework, and clubs spanning Preschool to Grade 12. A faculty-led Sustainability Committee helps the community be more environmentally responsible on campus. Representative faculty and students travel to the Loretto Motherhouse in Kentucky to learn the sophisticated sustainable farming methods on the property. 
  • Lower School students participate in the international Students ReBuild Challenge that uses art activism ("artivism") as a doorway to a greater global understanding. 
  • Middle School students participate in the World Affairs Challenge to research and design solutions to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that serve as a shared blueprint for peach and prosperity for people and the planet. 
  • High School students take a foundational Global Citizens class to learn about the diversity and interdependence of the global environment and government systems and explore viable solutions to critical challenges. And through theological studies, students apply principles of justice articulated in the Scriptures and examine strategies for making change as applied to contemporary justice issues. 
  • High School students join students from other Loretto schools as well as Loretto community members to the United Nations Commission of the Status of Women to hear the work of women and girls around the world. 
  • Students in affinity groups and diversity clubs prepare and sponsor presentations to educate our learning communities on their unique experiences and challenges in society. 
  • In support of racial justice and civil rights, the SMA community every year marching every year in the Dr. Martin Luther King Marade through Denver, as it near its 40th year as the second largest gathering in the country. 
  • SMA is a founding partner with The Challenge Foundation to break the cycle of poverty through educational opportunities, awarding tuition scholarships and individualized support to students from underserved communities. 

The value of Justice means that each individual must live out their inherent potential through service to others and contribute to a society/community in which there is equity and opportunity for every individual and, in a sort of feedback loop, continue to make possible the flourishing of every person's potential through responsible service.

Victoria Fernandez
Middle School Teacher and DEIB Coordinator

Lower School students gathered around the statue of Mary
High School students volunteering at a Food Bank, putting food into boxes
Six Middle School photos standing next to each other in front of Sanders House building

The Sisters of Loretto have long been champions of social and environmental justice, and I am humbled by their good work. My hope is that my work as an artist and art educator can help future generations find a sense of wonder in the Creation, and work to protect it.

Andrew Beckham
Chair, Visual Arts Department

We work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.