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President & Head of School

Graphic of Iswari Natarajan, President, with Sanders House building in background

Meet Iswari Natarajan, President & Head of School

Iswari Natarajan, the eighth SMA President & Head of School, is a true visionary leader in the field of education. Her remarkable career path has taken her from engineer to teacher, principal, and now President of St. Mary’s Academy. She has an impressive record of accomplishments, making her a great source of inspiration for SMA's students, faculty, and staff. She believes that creating a vibrant, supportive school community is essential for students to thrive.

She understands the importance of fostering relationships between students, teachers, families, and administrators to create an environment where everyone can grow and learn. By providing opportunities for collaboration and communication among all stakeholders, Iswari hopes to create a sense of belonging where everyone can make meaningful contributions to SMA.

As a leader, female engineer, and person of color, Iswari comes with valuable experience, knowledge, cultural awareness, and a different point of view which assumes importance for each undertaking. Her leadership qualities, ability to devise person-centric solutions, fundraising capabilities and successful experience in executing large-scale educational projects have made her an inspiration to many.



Iswari Natarajan surrounded by students

Join us for the inauguration celebration of
St. Mary's Academy's eighth President & Head of School, Iswari Natarajan.

Events start Sept. 29

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