The Challenge Foundation

As a founding partner, St. Mary’s Academy is honored to house The Challenge Foundation as an independent organization with its own staff, values, and very powerful mission statement:

“Beginning in the 6th grade, Challenge Foundation provides rigorous academics, enrichment and support to high potential, disadvantaged students to empower them to graduate from college and make a positive impact on their communities.”

Challenge Foundation sends many of its scholars to St. Mary’s Academy beginning in the 6th grade. Students become a part of St. Mary’s Academy and benefit from both the extraordinary academic and enrichment programs available to them. Challenge Scholars also receive supports including mentoring, tutoring, assistance with transportation, technology, and a summer program.

The first graduates of Challenge Foundation and St. Mary’s Academy are now college graduates, and many more students are following that path. St. Mary’s Academy is proud of everyone involved and thankful to be a part of the students’ journey. If you would like to learn more about the Challenge Foundation, please visit their website at

The St. Mary’s Academy community is richer thanks to our close proximity and partnership with The Challenge Foundation. We see the Loretto values in action through the work that the foundation does.