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High School Performing and Visual Arts

The Performing and Visual Arts program is a vibrant cornerstone of our comprehensive STEAM curriculum, designed to foster creativity and innovation in students' education. This program empowers students to channel their passions and aspirations in music, theater, and visual arts into becoming accomplished artists. Through a fusion of analytical, theoretical, and technical skills, students immerse themselves in practice and performance while collaborating with our dedicated and professional faculty artists. 

Musical Arts

As an integral part of our STEAM framework, our High School provides diverse music courses, enriching theoretical and practical musical understanding. Offerings such as Music Production, Songwriting and Composition, and AP Music Theory rotate to ensure comprehensive exposure. Engaging in ensembles like Jazz Band, Orchestra, or SAIMARAC (SMA Honors Choir) also meets arts credit requirements. Performances at renowned venues, including the Newman Center and Carnegie Hall, illustrate how the arts intertwine with technology and science in a harmonious blend. 

Private lessons in most instruments, including voice, are offered on campus. 

Performing Arts

Aligned with our STEAM approach, our High School presents a range of introductory and advanced performing arts courses, including Academy Singers, Acting, AP Music Theory, Jazz Band, Orchestra, and SAIMARAC. Every year, there are two after-school theatre performances, and the fan-favorite All-Academy Musical every other year provides opportunities for students to experience the fusion of arts and technology, enhancing their creativity and collaborative skills. 


Theatre Arts

Our theatre arts offerings further enrich the STEAM tapestry, providing students with elective courses that expand their theatrical horizons. Students delve into Musical Theatre Performance Technique, Comedic Acting, and Acting and Directing, amplifying their creativity and teamwork. There are two annual productions, and every other year there is the favorite All-Academy Musical. 

Visual Arts

Our visual arts curriculum enables students to explore the arts progressively, from introductory to advanced levels. In dedicated studios led by practicing artists, students refine their two- and three-dimensional art and photography skills. Celebrated recognitions in esteem competitions like the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards highlight the integration of art and critical thinking.