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Portrait of a Graduate

Our Portrait of a Graduate statements, by school division, identify who we are as a school and define our expectations with respect to the experiences we create for students to realize the outcomes.

Join Hands

St. Mary’s Academy graduates cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships in their mission to build an inclusive community.

St. Mary’s Academy High School develops young women who strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, strong relationships with others, and pursuit of the common good.

Act with integrity

St. Mary’s Academy graduates are grounded in the Loretto School Values of faith, community, justice, and respect.

High School students put words into actions, truly embodying the Loretto School Values. The St. Mary’s Academy education cultivates a strong sense of self, and prepares graduates to enter society as powerful agents of change.

Exercise Empathy

St. Mary’s Academy graduates possess a high degree of compassion and cultural competency, and an understanding of service as a means to achieve equality.

For our students, service isn’t a school requirement; it’s a calling for life to be an agent of change. Every student fulfills at least 100 hours of engagement at their adopted organization during their time at SMA, along with service trips and days.

Embrace challenge

St. Mary’s Academy graduates know how to think, not just what to think, with the agility to solve challenges in a rapidly evolving world.

Through rigorous and engaging academics in a highly supportive and collaborative environment attuned to the way girls learn, SMA students develop higher order thinking skills, strong confidence, and heightened career aspirations.

Stand Tall

St. Mary’s Academy graduates lead with purpose and from their strengths, becoming part of something larger than themselves.

At St. Mary’s Academy, every leader is a girl and every girl is a leader. Students take leadership responsibilities in the classroom, in clubs and organizations, and on sports teams. All-girls learning environments empower students to become bold leaders, and students continue to hold leadership positions after graduation.

Value Voices

St. Mary’s Academy graduates seek perspective, listen intently, engage effectively, and communicate respectfully.

At St. Mary’s Academy, every voice is valuable and every opinion matters. Students are fully supported in sharing their stories and coming to new understandings, as well as critically listening to the ideas of their peers.

Speak Out

St. Mary’s Academy graduates stand for justice and act for peace.

SMA students seek to discover their purpose by aligning their talents with their passions, and then apply that purpose to effect positive change. St. Mary’s Academy alumnae are change-makers and peace-seekers, with a deep understanding of their roles in bettering our world.
High School student speaking into a microphone

Believe in your potential and power to change the world