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Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School Curriculum of St. Mary's Academy blends innovation with time-tested methodologies, resulting in an educational experience that continuously evolves. Our dedicated faculty and visionary leadership continually explore, synthesize, and create, fostering an environment that stimulates minds and hearts.

Our curriculum integrates elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). This empowers students to not only grasp these disciplines individually, but also to explore their interconnectivity, encouraging innovative thinking and problem-solving. 

With every lesson, experiment, and project, we instill in our students the courage to think boldly, the curiosity to question deeply, and the resilience to learn continuously. Our educators embrace the learning process they impart, and they become living examples of the curiosity and exploration they wish to inspire. This immersive approach nurtures an environment where students eagerly embrace thought and action, embarking on a transformative journey, and preparing them for a future full of boundless possibilities. 

Middle School Core Learning