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Middle School Performing and Visual Arts

Step into the enchanting realm of the arts, where creativity, self-expression, and collaboration take center stage. Our holistic STEAM curriculum integrates with performing and visual arts, providing students a dynamic platform to explore their creative passions and nurture their artistic talents.


Visual Arts

Shaping Visions into Reality

Visual Arts takes students on a compelling journey of creation and discovery through a spectrum of engaging courses. Beginning with Foundations of Art in Grade 6, students learn the fundamentals of drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. In Grades 7 and 8, the Explorations in Art class delves deeper into advanced techniques, encouraging students to explore their artistic identity and connect with cultural influences. From crafting intricate sculptures to painting vibrant canvases, each class empowers students to channel their imagination and emotions into their artwork, fostering self-expression, creativity, and an appreciation for diverse perspectives. 

Performing Arts

Where Mastery Meets Expression

In our Performing Arts program, students are immersed in a symphony of expression through various captivating classes. They join vocal choirs, becoming one harmonious voice transcending individual talents. In instrumental ensembles, students craft melodies that merge seamlessly into breathtaking compositions. Our dramatic productions transform students into storytellers, allowing them to embody diverse characters and transport audiences to new worlds. Whether it's choir, orchestra, drama, or one of many other offerings, each class becomes a platform for students to refine their artistic craft while developing teamwork, communication, and confidence. 

Private lessons in most instruments, including voice, are offered on campus in all three schools.


Merging Arts into STEAm

Artistry with Impact

At St. Mary's Academy, the performing and visual arts are seamlessly woven into our comprehensive STEAM curriculum. By blending creativity with scientific and analytical thinking, our students cultivate a unique skill set that transcends disciplines. Whether designing intricate stage sets, composing original musical scores, or crafting thought-provoking visual art pieces, they learn to approach challenges with imagination and innovation. 

Our Middle School Performing and Visual Arts program provides a stage for artistic expression, and  fuels the development of skills that have a lasting impact. It prepares students to confidently address audiences, communicate complex ideas, and collaborate with diverse teams - a skill set crucial for future endeavors. Through the performing and visual arts, students become architects of their narratives, leveraging creativity as a force of change in an ever-evolving world. 

As our students step into the limelight and display their creations, they don't merely perform; they make a statement, inspire, and showcase the culmination of dedication, talent, and the transformative magic of the arts. St. Mary's Academy celebrates the fusion of artistic passion with STEAM education, sculpting individuals who will leave their mark.