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Middle School Portrait of a Graduate

Our Portrait of a Graduate statements, by school division, identify who we are as a school and define our expectations with respect to the experiences we create for students to realize the outcomes.

Join Hands

St. Mary’s Academy students build respectful and responsible relationships, and they work together to create inclusive and caring communities.

Community is cultivated across the week for Middle School students through Community Action Teams that foster team-building and other skills to form deeper friendships within a growing circle of peers.

Act with integrity

St. Mary’s Academy students live the Loretto School Values of faith, community, justice, and respect.

Middle School students further explore the Loretto School Values and their meaning in their lives. They learn the true meaning of standing for justice, acting for peace, and caring for the environment. They assume greater roles as Loretto Leaders.

Exercise Empathy

St. Mary’s Academy students are kind and compassionate, are aware of inequalities in our world, and are engaged in work that serves others.

As a service learning school, Middle School students develop the courage and compassion to create change in the greater community. For our students, service isn’t a requirement; it’s a calling for life to be an agent of change.

Think Deeply

St. Mary’s Academy students accept problem-solving challenges and enjoy designing solutions.

Through project-based, purpose-driven learning, students of St. Mary’s Academy continue on to high school with strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Students feel empowered to engage in challenging work individually and with their peers.

Stand Tall

St. Mary’s Academy students understand that leadership takes on many forms, and they impact their communities in meaningful ways.

St. Mary’s Academy students gain formative experiences in the classroom, at assemblies, and through special programs that help build leadership, teamwork, and decision-making skills. Students explore their personal leadership strengths and style to create change.

Value Voices

St. Mary’s Academy students listen to understand, and consider other perspectives in order to communicate respectfully.

The world becomes bigger and more complex for middle school students. St. Mary’s Academy provides the space for them to explore abstract ideas, develop moral philosophies, and cultivate strong relationships.

Speak Out

St. Mary’s Academy students stand for justice and act for peace.

St. Mary’s Academy students understand their role in the betterment of our world. Students are confident in their ability to speak out and speak up, and seek to align their talents and passions to create purposeful change in our community.

Believe in your potential and power to change the world