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Physical Education

At St. Mary's Academy, we prioritize the holistic well-being of our students, recognizing the profound interconnection between physical health, emotional wellness, and cognitive function. Engaging in physical activity, play, and immersing in nature benefit our moods and enhance our mental clarity and focus.

Our P.E. program is an integral aspect of the SMA student experience. We understand the vital role that physical exercise plays in our students' overall health and academic performance. Through structured activities and friendly competition, our students improve their physical fitness, and cultivate leadership skills and effective communication.

In our Early Learning Program, students enjoy recess twice a day. In the Lower School, students participate in up to 150 minutes of P.E. each week, complemented by recess twice daily. This commitment to physical well-being continues through the Middle School, where students engage in friendly competition with peer schools, honing their skills. In High School, participation in team sports is strongly encouraged, offering invaluable opportunities for self-discovery. For those who cannot partake in sports, P.E. remains a requirement through Grade 12, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for every student. 

Lower School P.E. and Athletics

Middle School P.E. and Athletics

High School Athletics