Global Learning

At St. Mary's Academy, we believe part of being a community means that we share and grow together; we come together in respect to learn and understand one another. Our students come from more than 60 different zip codes and bring with them diversity in its many forms.

In support of our school's mission, St. Mary's Academy recognizes and welcomes diversity as a positive force within our world.  As we build a strong community, we strive in all we do to show respect, promote justice, and act in our faith.

Lower School

The Lower School prepares students to become culturally aware and appreciative of the differences and similarities among people. We purposely build this awareness beginning in our PK program and continue to develop compassionate and caring young citizens in our Lower School. As a school based on the Loretto School values of faith, community, justice, and respect we believe in empowering students to thrive and contribute to a diverse and changing world.

Middle School

Our Middle School students engage in multiculturalism, most notably in traveling together and living among indigenous cultures learning practices, language, and storytelling. Each trip involves reflection and courageous journeys, which transform students and their world view.

Each year, Middle School 7th and 8th grade students have the option to visit Peru.  The following links provide more information:

2019 Peru Blog

Middle School Students Leaving for Peru November 13, 2019



High School

The High School is involved in numerous activities during and beyond the school day designed to bring awareness, understanding, and inclusion to the SMA community. A few notable events include the following:

  • Diversity Day, organized annually by students of the Common Ground Club, is a day dedicated to providing a greater awareness of the disenfranchised, and the integrity and strength of the human spirit when faced with adversities such as war, physical limitations or even homelessness. Students become teachers as well as learners.
  • Students lead monthly roundtable discussions on current topics of interest that reflect issues around diversity.
  • A group of tenth graders attend the People of Color Conference (POCC) annually. The conference offers them opportunities to understand diversity and how to deal with prejudice.
  • The Common Ground Club, or diversity club, takes on various projects to bring awareness to the SMA community.