Lower School Academics

The SMA Lower School is caring, supportive, and developmentally stimulating, so students can be successful with the rigorous academics. Children have daily opportunities to grow, succeed, and achieve during these formative years. It is an environment of balance where children can be children. Teachers work in vertical teams, allowing them to truly know each student—where they are in their academic and emotional growth, and how to ready them as they move to the next level in their learning.

  • Integrated core subject curriculum—including math, literacy, science, social studies and our Loretto School Values—connects subject matter and analytical problem-solving skills with the real world, engaging students’ hearts and minds.
  • Five specials area courses, including art, music, library, physical education, Spanish, and technology, complement core curriculum on a regular basis.
  • Whole-child/healthy body activities designed to empower students to discover new interests in sports, fine arts, and community service—and twice-daily recess.

Lower School Curriculum