Middle School Seminars

Middle School seminars enrich the ways in which students encounter wonder and practice reflection and critical thinking.  St. Mary's Academy is committed to preparing students to be compassionate, grounded, smart, and strong leaders in an increasingly complex world.  Seminars add breadth to the path our students are traveling to know who they are, what they stand for, and how to make a positive impact.
There are three thematic seminar strands: STEAM, Health, and Justice.  These three strands are intertwined and overlap.  A key connection among the three is an emphasis on the development of leadership and global perspective.  The same emphasis is what connects seminars to core and co-core classes and to the two other divisions.  Underlying all we do are SMA’s mission and the Loretto School Values of faith, community, justice, and respect.
Seminar days include three ninety-minute periods, a Community Action Team meeting, office hours, recesses, and a community meeting.  For additional information, click here to view a letter from Ms. Ashley.

STEAM Seminars

STEAM seminars employ the application of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics as catalysts for student inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity.



Health Seminars

These seminars develop students' sense of identity, self-understanding, and how they affect the greater whole. Social and emotional skills, topics in psychology, and issues such as drugs and alcohol, social media, and stress management are included.


Justice Seminars

Through simulations, role-playing, and debate, students explore the ideal concept and complex reality of social and environmental justice.






Student Quotes From 2017 - 2018 Seminars

“Instead of sitting at a desk we were building so much.  It made learning so much fun."


“I noticed that the world is a lot more colorful than I thought.”


“These seminars are helpful because they help me think more about how my work has a bigger effect on the world and they help me relate what I do in the classroom to things I see when I'm not in class.”

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