Scribble Bots

Scribble Bots are motorized, playful robots that bounce, spin, bump and move, leaving a mark on paper to trace their paths.  The initial basic design results in Bots that tend to move in circles. After a Battle of the (Basic) Bots, students are challenged to alter subsystem components to enable the Bot to draw a straight line. As students redesign their Bots to meet this specific task, the students tinker, test, and analyze malfunctions. The iterative process of invention continues with students questioning and experimenting in their quest for the best Bot ever.

Faculty: Kathy Rosborough - Science 8

Dates Offered

November 30 , 2018
January 11, 2019

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Why Build Bots?

This STEAM seminar is designed to develop systems thinking. Ross D. Arnold and Jon P. Wade of the Stevens Institute assert “systems thinking is a set of analytic skills comprising the ability to conceptualize, visualize, predict, articulate, solve, and devise modifications to produce desired effects.” Seminars encourage academic risk-taking and provide a forum for building key twentieth century competencies: creativity, critical thinking and innovation among them.