Digital Citizenship

Drawing upon curriculum from Common Sense Media, students are guided in how to be positive digital citizens. “Digital media and technology is evolving at a rapid pace, bringing with it amazing opportunities as well as real risks for our children. On the positive side, young people are using the Internet and mobile technologies to create, connect, explore and learn in ways never before imagined. Challenges from harmful behaviors, cyberbullying to digital cheating, are surfacing in schools and in homes across the country. Young people face ethical challenges daily…” The seminar, led by a team of faculty and professional experts, proves an immersive experience in digital citizenship.

Faculty: Ana Smith - Language Arts 8 and Peter Estacio - SMA Technology Director; Special Guests Presenters TBA

Dates Offered

January 18, 2019

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Why Citizenship?

As with any community, positive participation in the online, virtual  community requires thoughtful and engaged citizenship. The core message of this seminar is empowerment. Powerful digital tools allow for creation and communication. With that power comes responsibility.