Finding Truth in Music

Music tells a multitude of stories. Students listen to songs from a variety of artists, considering the perspective of the songwriter and the impact the song has on the listener. Is music primarily a means of personal expression? Can musicians shape or influence society through their music? Students write lyrics for a song based on their personal story. They discover that with discipline and focus, the creative process yields a powerful narrative that connects listeners to a shared experience or emotion.  In addition to teaching writing, this seminar allows students to express all the wonders and angst of adolescence.

Faculty: Terrye Easton - Social Studies 7 and Christina Garcia - Spanish 7

Dates Offered

March 8, 2019
March 15, 2019

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Why Music?

Researchers have shown that musical activities “have been present in every known culture on earth, with ancient roots extending back 250,000 years or more...Music is a ubiquitous companion to people’s everyday lives.” A universal language of expression, music is keenly connected to our social and emotional wellbeing.