Leave Nothing But Footprints

Like a lingering scent, or the faintest of echoes, fossilized trackways leave hints of lives that have come before. Trackways are trace fossils, impressions made by organisms long ago. In this seminar students will discover the relationships among foot length, leg length, stride, and speed, as they are captured in fossilized trackways. Students become detectives, interpreting how the tracks might have been formed, and theorizing about how animals interact with other creatures and their own environment.

Faculty: JoAnn Cencula - Science 7

Dates Offered

November 9, 2018
November 30, 2018

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  • Great books: Remarkable Creatures is “a stunning historical novel that follows the story of two extraordinary 19th century fossil hunters who changed the scientific world forever.”

  • Movie night: The original Jurassic Park still thrills. Rated PG-13.

  • Day trip: Admission to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is free on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

Why Fossils?

This STEAM seminar has a particular focus on developing critical thinking. How do scientists draw upon disparate bits of information and fossilized clues to form solid theories and conclusions? How does disciplined and patient study of the details help ensure more reliable results? This seminar also develops skills in metacognition and persistence.