More Than a Necklace

Students are introduced or reintroduced to the concept of meditation.  After experiencing a guided breathing meditation, participants will discuss how difficult it can be to reach a place of reflection and calmness in our current culture.  Students explore the use of mala beads and make connections to the use of beads and necklaces in other cultures and religions, including rosary beads in Catholicism. They engage in written expression, devising a mantra and then writing a post-meditation reflection.

Faculty: Victoria Fernandez - Language Arts 7

Dates Offered

December 7, 2018
January 11, 2019

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Why Meditate?

Stanford University’s Emma Seppälä observes, “Studies have shown improved ability to (permanently) regulate emotions in the brain.” Harvard University researchers have learned that meditators “literally have more brain cells.” Researchers have shown that mindful meditation improves blood pressure, pain tolerance, depression, and anxiety.