Native American Wisdom

Drawing upon the rich history and unique perspectives of Native Americans including the Shawnee, Lakota Sioux, and Nez Perce Nations, this seminar explores the wisdom and philosophies of indigenous people. Students are invited to consider their current lives and decisions relative to the guidance offered by sage Native Americans. The written symbols of Native Americans are introduced and students take a turn writing a story in symbols. This cultural immersion also includes a look at Native American pottery from southwestern pueblos.

Faculty: Terrye Easton - Social Studies 7

Dates Offered

November 9, 2018
November 30, 2018

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Interested in exploring this topic more deeply?

  • Documentaries: Rocky Mountain PBS provides a list of documentaries that celebrate and illuminate Native American heritage.

  • Day trip: Visit the History Colorado Center. Exhibits about the Ute Indians and Mesa Verde

Road trip: Three hours southeast of Denver, La Junta is home to Bent's Old Fort. Five hours southwest of Denver, in Montrose, you will find the Ute Indian Museum.

Why These Words?

Is wisdom timeless? Is there a universal nature to the writings and teachings of diverse cultures? These are some of the questions students ponder as they seek words and wisdom to apply to their own lives. This seminar deepens cultural understanding and builds skills in communication, creativity, and critical thinking.