Bacteria or Virus

Exploring the battle of the bugs, students learn about bacteria and viruses.  What are the symptoms? How do treatments differ? When are these bugs life threatening or life changing?  Students examine live bacteria using microscopes and learn about the transference of disease. Connecting to their own experiences with illnesses, such as strep throat and the common cold, students develop a new appreciation for these amazing forms of life.

Faculty: Steve Mayfield - Science 6

Dates Offered

October 5, 2018
October 12, 2018

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Why Study the Common Cold?

Academic engagement is often kindled when the subject matter is presented in a way that has personal relevance. The shared experience of sniffling and coughing provides a common access point for exploring the microscopic world of bacteria and viruses. The single-celled organisms known as bacteria sometimes cause human illness and other times lend a healthy helping hand. Parasitic viruses are generally known as causes of contagion and also can be instrumental research tools. This microscopically small world has enormous implication for human life.