Health Risks: Taking Control

Sunscreen? Helmet? Tie your shoelaces? A focus on everyday life skills dominates this seminar. Students are challenged to identify and explore common behaviors that can put their health at risk. Next, students research and brainstorm, finding easy and effective way to control their personal health risks. Rooted in SMA’s belief in holistic education and student empowerment, this seminar helps children play an active role in managing their health.

Faculty: Celsa Rutan - Spanish 6  

Dates Offered

October 26, 2018
November 30, 2018

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Why Consider Risks?

This seminar focuses on everyday risks such as over-exposure to the sun, unhealthy eating habits, and sports injuries, and empowers students to find ways to manage their risks. This approach of education and empowerment sets the stage for seventh-grade seminars about risks associated with alcohol, vaping, and other drugs.