Math Games Around The World

Mathematics, history, and geography are interwoven in this exploration of math games from around the globe. The games Kalah and Hex take center stage, becoming vehicles for deepening and reinforcing mathematical concepts. The cultural histories of the games are also explored, allowing students to discover the impact geographical setting and time period have in game design.

Faculty: Janice Schmitt - Math 6

Dates Offered

April 5, 2019
April 12, 2019

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  • At home: Keep playing! Sets of Kalah and Hex are available for sign-out in the MS Media Center.

  • Movie night: The Man Who Knew Infinity (PG13) is based on the true story of self-taught Indian mathematical genius Srinivas Ramanujan and the friendship he forged with professor G.H. Harding at Cambridge University.

Why Kalah and Hex?

In addition to reinforcing mathematical concepts, the games played in this multi-disciplinary STEAM seminar develop skills in communication, collaboration, and strategic problem solving. Global perspective is also provided in this seminar. Kalah has its origins in ancient Ethiopia; HEX was independently invented in the 1940s by both Danish mathematician Piet Hein and Nobel prize winning and Princeton University mathematician John Nash.