Polymers, Goop, and Baby Diapers

Super absorbent polymers (SAPs) are known in the diaper industry as “slush powder.” SAPs revolutionized baby care when they were used to create super-absorbent, disposable diapers. In this seminar students learn about the unique characteristics of polymers and how scientists continue to find innovative ways to use them. Students also mix their own polymer “goop.” This hands-on activity is always a hit with SMA’s budding scientists.

Faculty: Steve Mayfield - Science 6

Dates Offered

December 7, 2018
January 18, 2019

Explore More

Interested in exploring this topic more deeply?

  • Go to: What are Polymers?, by the National Science Foundation, provides a two-minute introduction to the fascinating world of polymers.


  • At home: Home Science Tools offers a variety of polymer and slime experiments for use at home.


Why Goop?

This hands-on and interactive seminar allows students to feel the chemical reactions right in their fingertips. The immediacy of the experience fosters curiosity and engages students in learning about polymers and their role in science, industry, and our environment.