Technology plays a vital role at St. Mary’s Academy—supporting the dynamic curriculum that is a hallmark of education in each of our classrooms.

Each classroom on campus is outfitted with stereo or 5.1 speakers, a projector, and by the end of the 21-22 academic year, Apple TVs for wireless video and audio streaming/projection. We provide all students with the latest advancements in WiFi (802.11ac) and equip them with productivity tools such as Google Apps for Education, Apple Classroom, the full Adobe CC Suite, in addition to many others.

Across the entire Academy, SMA follows the philosophy that technology should serve the instructional goals of the faculty, enhancing student engagement whenever possible and appropriate.  We implement our technology devices and software strategically, emphasizing authenticity to ensure the hardware and software both work in tandem with the efforts of our amazing faculty.  

For additional details regarding students devices for each Division, current families can reference the full 2021-22 Student Device Guide in the Parent Portal.

Technology in Each School

Robotics: Lower School beginnings through High School winnings

Students are intrigued by technology and fearless in applying new skills in robotics. Starting in Lower School, girls and boys learn to work together to brainstorm, build, and program LEGO NXT Mindstorm robots. Continuing in Middle School, students engage in more sophisticated elements of NXT programming and building, ultimately working towards participation in the FIRST LEGO League competition.

Robotics participation in the High School has soared significantly since its inception. Twice participating in Regionals for the BEST competition, the all-girl robotics team ventured into FIRST competition in 2015.