Technology plays a vital role at St. Mary’s Academy—supporting the dynamic curriculum that is a hallmark of education in each of our classrooms.

Each classroom on campus is outfitted with an interactive board and speakers. We provide all students with the latest in wifi connection and equip them with productivity tools such as Google Apps for Education, Apple Education products, Adobe Suite, and many others.

Every student from kindergarten through grade 12 enjoys the benefits of advanced technology.

Technology in Each School

Lower School

Each class in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade has an iPad cube that includes 15 iPads. This allows EVERY student in class to have an iPad. Specials classes also have a set of 20 iPads. There is also a class set of twenty Chromebooks on a cart that is shared among teachers to use for class activities in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Each Kindergarten class is also equipped with a technology center and includes four or five iMac desktop computers. We are one-to-one in grades 3rd through 5th grade. Each student has their own Chromebook. Chromebooks are housed in a cart in the classroom for these grades. Outside of the classroom, there is a computer lab of iMac desktops located in the media center for students to use as well as an iPad cube of ten iPads for teachers to use in their classrooms. All students are provided the opportunity to have technology lessons weekly via our library media program and are exposed to a variety of educational websites, software programs, and apps to support classroom learning.

Middle School

St. Mary's Middle School has a one-to-one program. Every students has a Chromebook for daily use that they take home and bring to school. Each Chromebook is installed with printers.There is a computer lab of iMac desktops in the library for independent use by students or teachers. Additionally, the Middle School has a MacBook laptop cart and iPad cart outfitted with sufficient devices for an entire class. Finally, the Middle School has an iPad cube of ten that can be used by teachers for smaller projects. Technology classes are offered as electives.

    High School

    St. Mary's High School has a one-to-one program. Every students is guaranteed a MacBook laptop. Students may borrow one from the school or purchase their own. Each laptop is installed with printers. Technology classes are offered as electives.

      Robotics: Lower School beginnings through High School winnings

      Students are intrigued by technology and fearless in applying new skills in robotics. Starting in Lower School, girls and boys learn to work together to brainstorm, build, and program LEGO NXT Mindstorm robots. Continuing in Middle School, students engage in more sophisticated elements of NXT programming and building, ultimately working towards participation in the FIRST LEGO League competition.

      Robotics participation in the High School has soared significantly since its inception. Twice participating in Regionals for the BEST competition, the all-girl robotics team ventured into FIRST competition in 2015.

      SMAbotics Thanks Their Sponsors!

      St. Mary's Academy's All-Girls Robotics team, SMAbotics_AG (“All-Girl”) completed their 5th year of competition in FIRST Robotics. They could not have done this without the support of their generous sponsors! With sponsor support they were able to make significant changes to their robotics program and this (coming) year there are several exciting updates and new events. Click HERE for a complete recap of their initiatives this year and how much their sponsors are appreciated.

      SMAbotics 2019

      Click HERE for more pictures of the 2018 - 2019 SMAbotics team!