SMA graduates share their thoughts of SMA

quote 45

"I met women who believed in women, and who were engaged in social justice." - Class of 1972

quote 44

"SMA gave me the confidence to be myself and to work hard for those things that matter to me." - Class of 2001 graduate

quote 43

"SMA taught me leadership, communication, research and study skills that I still use to this day!" - Class of 1977 graduate

quote 42

"SMA emphasized service. My life's work has been based on being of service to others." - Class of 1969 graduate

quote 41

"Classes at SMA prepared me for college and for the attention to detail that is necessary in the legal field. Teachers, staff, and other students helped me prepare by challenging me to see the big picture and multiple points of view. SMA gave me a feeling of belonging and confidence that I could succeed outside that world as well." - Class of 1985 graduate