Reunion Weekend 2018

Welcome home, Alumnae!

We are looking forward to a new and exciting St. Mary's Academy Reunion Weekend! This year, we are simplifying things by condensing Reunion Weekend into one day (unless you are a Golden Graduate in which case you will still have the luncheon on Friday) and taking the burden off the milestone classes to plan their own reunion by hosting a Mass and Happy Hour Reception on campus.  While this reception will focus on an opportunity for milestone classes to get together, ALL alumnae are invited and encouraged to attend. There will be beverages for all ages and inclinations, hors d'oeuvres, former faculty/staff, tours of the High School, and more. Those classes ending in 3 or 8 will have a special photo opportunity. The evening will finish at 7:00 pm allowing plenty of night to enjoy with your classmates off campus once the fun at SMA ends.

We look forward to welcoming you as you reunite with former classmates, kindle new friendships, and connect with the future of this amazing school. See you in October!

All activities are complimentary unless otherwise noted.

To register for one or all of the Reunion Weekend events

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Golden Graduates Luncheon

Friday, October 5
11:30 am - 1:30 pm at Glenmoor Country Club
Alumnae from the classes of 1937 - 1968 are welcome to attend this luncheon
*Invitations will be mailed to our Golden Graduates in August


Mass and Happy Hour Reception Honoring Classes Ending in 3 or 8


Saturday, October 6

4:00 - 5:00 pm - Mass in the Community Center (Duncan Commons)

5:00 - 6:30 pm - Happy Hour Reception in the High School Forum.  Includes hors d'oeuvres, drinks, former faculty/staff, and photo opportunities

6:00 -  7:00 pm - Optional tours of the High School.  Includes an opportunity to talk to current students, demonstrations from the SMA Robotics team, and more.


These events are open to all alumnae and their spouses or significant others
*Post-reception, class sponsored events decided upon by each milestone class


Family Day at SMA


Sunday, October 7

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Fall Festival in the Quad

Open to all alumnae and their spouses or significant others


Join our current and prospective families for this fun community event featuring: games, bouncy houses, food trucks, and more.  This is not a specific alumnae reunion weekend activity but all alumnae and their families are invited and will receive two free wristbands for admittance (food and drink not included).


Questions? Please contact Lea Frank at or (303) 762 - 8300 ext. 287.




Who's Coming?

Ashley Freudenstein '13

Liz Deline '09

Annie Scott '09

Alicia Arroyo '08

Lari Banafsheh '08

Kelly Rogers Denzler '08

Charlotte Utigard Gifford '08

Bethany Hoehler '08

Kendall Moore '08

Kirstin Roybal '08

Nina Ehrlich McCaskill '02

Abby Marie Rohr Harris '00

Chanda Valley Kirwin '93

Kelly Bruce '98

Leah Mencin Garbe '98

Christi McCusker Johnson '98

Kelly O'Brien Smith '98

Annie Spurway Snow '98

Katherine Pavlovsky Wagle '98

Laura Grisenti deLuna '89

Dawn Histen Abbott '88

Elizabeth Sorrells Cuzner '88

Bridget Duman Ericcson '88

Vanessa Freudenstein McCormick '88

Mary McWilliams '88

Julia Andrieu Farman '83

Christine Fischer '83

Camille Meyer Ford '83

Beverly Sperry Frost '83

Denise Born Hendrickson '83

Deidre Williams Johnson '83

Asta Eyrich Lock '83

Susan Odland Lintonsmith '83

Kim Brown Marsh '83

Katie Kerwin McCrimmon '83

Tonya Hollenbeck Rayment '83

Robin Wuller Baldwin '78

Mary Pat Graham-Kelly '78

Tracy Kelly O'Neill '78

Susan Osmanski Saad '78

Antonette DeLauro Smith '78

Sheila Karr '73

Patricia Poisson Barry '68

Mandie Anderson Belarado '68

Cindy Brunger '68

Ann McCarty Carey '68

Patricia McClelland Connolly '68

Marlene Velebny Ennis '68

Mary Christopher Gartland '68

Karen Wiesner Glaser '68

Katherine Dealy Gottlieb '68

Susan Roberts Griebel '68

Nancy Clarke Hall '68

Molly Huff '68

Bernadette Vavra Jarvis '68

Marilyn Johnson '68

Susan Kerr '68

Peggy Eby Kirkegaard '68

Karen Koser '68

Karen Poth LeDuc '68

Terry Lyons '68

Anne Restivo '68

Linda Doering Romigio '68

Linda Soran '68

Cindy VanCise '68

Cathy Bell Darnell '67

Linda Waldeck Parker '62

Carol Kornemann Deep '58

Joy Gerity '58

Terry O'Dea Lowry '56



Kathryn McNamee

Don Nelson