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SMA HS Athletics Wildcat Mission:
SMA Athletics has a strong history of providing educational athletics founded on the Loretto School Values of faith, community, justice, and respect. Student-athletes develop leadership skills while experiencing personal growth in a competitive athletic learning environment. The Athletics Department works diligently to foster a culture of acceptance, self-advocacy, and healthy competition. The SMA athletics program is integral and connected to the holistic experience of each student-athlete at SMA, building a sense of community and pride while competing as a wildcat student-athlete. SMA athletic participation is designed to challenge students to be empowered, successful young women and active participants in the overall life of the school.

Athletics News

Sydney Silver '20 Qualifies for USA Swimming Olympic Team Trials.

Heartiest Congratulations to Sydney Silve '20! Sydney competed at the U.S.A. Swimming Junior Nationals Championships (18 and under) at Stanford University in Palo Alto. In the 100 backstroke she placed 13th in a time of 1:02.68. This time qualified her for the 2020 U.S.A. Swimming Olympic Team Trials. This is the meet U.S.A. Swimming uses to select the US Olympic Team for the 2020 Olympic Games. It is the fastest and hardest meet to qualify for in the country. At this meet, the top two finishers in each event will compete in those events at the 2020 Olympics. The Olympic Trials will be held June 21-28 at the Century Link Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Good luck Sydney,and we couldn’t be more proud!!!

SMA Field Hockey Camp a Success

A big shout out to the middle school and high school athletes participating in the SMA Field Hockey Camp. Striving to work hard and have fun! We look forward to the high school season starting on Monday, August 12th. 

St. Mary's Field Hockey Players Place 3rd at Colorado State Games

Congratulations to the St. Mary's field hockey players who participated in the Colorado State Games Friday- Sunday. The girls, of various grade levels, formed a team coached by Sarah Jacobs and Sara Knetemann. The team placed third and competed well against players from around the state. We are proud of their efforts- go wildcats!

Volleyball Program Attends CU Volleyball Camp

High school volleyball coaches, Tim Wompey and Ashleigh Freudenstein, took a group of volleyball players to the CU Volleyball camp. During the weekend, our wildcats competed and participated in drills and games with various coaches. We are excited to see how they perform this season. Way to go athletes!

Spring Sports Awards Ceremony

Thank you to all of our players, parents, and coaches who came out on Tuesday night to celebrate our spring athletes. The following students won major awards during the night:



Varsity Award- Grace Madden

Coaches Award- Khaili Rowan



Varsity Award- Claire Cella

Varsity Coaches Award- Lily Loftus and Maddie Wilten

JV Coaches Award- Chloe Knitt



Varsity Award- Natalie Tatar

Coaches Award- Mallory Hopper

JV Coaches Award- Carmen Garcia



Varsity Award- Zara Antal

Varsity Coaches Award- Emma Stewart

JV Coaches Award- Emma Seneshen


Senior Athletic Awards

Pam Bent Award: Grace Madden; Leadership Award: Emma Stewart; Sportsmanship Award: Hannah Finke; Bob Knauf Award: Claire Cella; Coaches' Award: Maddie Wilten; All-Around Athlete Award: Lily Loftus. 


Three-Sport Athletes

Maggie Hass, Carlyle Najarian, Caroline Erickson, Charlotte Gaudet, Maddie Jones, Sophia Callender, Emily Monzon, Kiki Zaharas, Jessica Garofalo, Grace Oakes, Emma Stern, and Hayden Jones.


1st Team Academic (Juniors and Seniors)

Adeline Harrington, Grace Woody, Hayden Jones, Carmen Garcia, Greta Heitmann, Liliana Salcido, Anna Sophia Williams, Mengyuan Zhang, Claire Cella, Lillian Loftus, Madeline Wilten, Lauren Falicia, Kate Frankmore, Amelia Cooper, Hailey Rhine, Emma Stern, Darian Smith, Chloe Knitt, Grace Cox, Mia Gabriele, Aarushi Gupta, Callie McKenna, Christine Cole, Maggie Golding, Jaqui Jaramillo, Anna Petcock, Carolina Skinner, Alexa Sottosanti, Abby Sullivan, and Haylee Vasquez.


Honorable Mention Academic (Juniors and Seniors)

Grace Madden, Taylor Cave, Chelsea Fair, Evelyn Barton, Zara Antal, Kandyce Sanchez, and Lane Rippey.

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Featured Athlete of the Week

Congratulations to our next featured athlete: Maggie Turner. Maggie has shown that she goes above and beyond her counterparts on the 7th grade soccer team. As a soccer player for many years, she is always the first person to help out her teammates who might not understand a drill or technique right away. At games she encourages, communicates, and leads the team when on the field. Way to go Maggie!

Featured Athlete: Christine Cole

Congratulations to our next featured athlete: junior, Christine Cole! Christine is developing into a very strong tennis player this season. She has achieved a consistent serve and her footwork is excellent. She has one of the winningest records on the team and has proved to be a formidable opponent. Congratulations Christine!

Featured Athlete: Ava Espinosa

Congratulations to our featured JV golf athlete:  Ava Espinosa. Ava has been an asset to our JV team and her coach is impressed with her determination and desire to improve her golf game.  She recently asked her coaches if she could have a chance to "swing up" to Varsity because she was ready for the challenge of playing a longer golf course. Her coaches gave her the chance and she did great!  She even made a par and a "chip-in" on the same hole in our last tournament. Well done, Ava!! We appreciate her determination, desire and hard work to become a better golfer and for being such a kind person to everyone on the Varsity and JV golf teams.

Featured athlete: Caitlin Vahrenwald

This week we select Caitlin Vahrenwald as our featured athlete. This is Caitlin's first year playing lacrosse, however, not her first time playing defense. Caitlin brings a whole different dynamic and perspective to the game of lacrosse. She incorporates her basketball skills to help our defense shutdown top players. She has impressed her coaches by improving her lacrosse knowledge over such a short period of time. Caitlin is coachable, agile and determined. She is a ground ball machine who recently received the game ball against CA for her defensive efforts. Keep up the hard work Caitlin!

Featured Athlete: Chloe Knitt

Every coach has a preferred system and style of play and an ideal roster to fulfill that plan.  However, the reality is that coaches constantly revise their tactics and roles for players depending on the opponent, team talent and personnel availability.  The JV program is challenging for all of these reasons. As coaches, we ask players to play where, in our judgement; they can make the most contribution to the team as a whole – even though it may not be their preferred position.  There is a player on the JV team that personifies the willingness to play where I think she can make the most contribution to the team, and that person is Chloe Knitt. She has exhibited a willingness to anchor the defense, set an example of hard work in practice, encourage and support every player on the team, never complains or says anything negative.  She is always asking how she can improve, what to do in specific situations, and is a great role model for younger players on the team. SMA is fortunate to have her on the JV soccer team and on the campus as she exemplifies character, leadership, humility and a solid work ethic – as a coach, I could not ask for more.

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