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Biddle Fields

Welcome to the dynamic heart of our athletic prowess - The Biddle Fields. Named in honor of the Biddle Family, these three exceptional fields are a testament to our commitment to excellence in sports and recreation.

The Pam Bent Turf Field at Biddle Fields, a true gem among our athletic assets, boasts a sustainable Nike Grind turf surface - a distinction that sets it apart as the only one of its kind in the entire State of Colorado. This field embodies our dedication to top-tier facilities, and aligns with our Loretto commitment to honoring the Earth.

Embrace the energy of the Diamond at Biddle Fields, a space where our baseball teams play their hearts out. With sustainable turf adorned with a supersized SMA logo and Wildcat paw print. and concussion padding, The Diamond exemplifies our school spirit in every blade of grass. 

The West Field is a versatile field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse space. It also boasts sustainable turf with concussion padding, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for our athletes to thrive. 

As a testament to our focus on innovation, the Biddle Fields also boasts a state-of-the-art scoreboard equipped with an integrated sound box audio system. This blend of technology and tradition elevates the spectator experience and fuels the enthusiasm of our athletes. 

The Biddle Fields are more than just athletic spaces - they're the stage for our students' achievements, growth, and camaraderie. This remarkable facility symbolizes our dedication to providing exceptional sports, recreation, and community-building opportunities. 


Bishop Evans Sports Center

Bishop Evans Sports Center is a place of dedication, athleticism, and transformation. Named in honor of Bishop George Evans, a compassionate servant of the community who dedicated his life to serving the people of Colorado, this facility embodies our commitment to physical excellence and community betterment. 

Our gym is a dynamic space where the thrill of competition takes center stage. Here, games are played and champions are made, as athletes strive to achieve their best in a variety of sports, including volleyball, basketball, and dance. It's a hub for pushing limits and embracing the spirit of teamwork. 

Adjacent to the gym, our locker rooms are designed for comfort and functionality. These serve as spaces where our athletes can unwind, recharge, and refresh after exhilarating games and matches, and provide a space to recharge and refresh after thrilling games and matches.

At BESC, we honor Bishop Evans' legacy by creating a space where individuals can challenge themselves, grow, and forge lasting connections with their peers and the community. 


Lower School Gym

Along with our outdoor venues and primary athletic complex, students also utilize the Lower School gym for activities like Lower School P.E., Middle School practices and games, CSAL practices and games, and High School practices. This additional space allows for the ultimate flexibility in practice schedules, especially when Colorado weather is taken into consideration.