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Lower School P.E. and Athletics

St. Mary's Academy offers a Lower School P.E. and Athletics program that immerses students in developmentally appropriate experiences focused on movement and its educational benefits. Children engage in a comprehensive program of recess, fundamental movement, sports skills, physical fitness, and rhythmic exploration seamlessly integrated into their holistic education. Our daily physical education enhances movement skills, fitness levels, and cognitive abilities and also nurtures social-emotional growth. 

Physical Education

P.E. in the Lower School is a fundamental part of our curriculum, designed to provide students with a strong foundation of movement experiences that contribute to their overall well-being. Through engaging activities, we cultivate essential motor skills, coordination, and teamwork, fostering a positive attitude towards physical activity and healthy habits.  

Catholic Schools Activities League

Our partnership with the Catholic Schools Activities League (CSAL) extends our commitment to student well-being. Through CSAL, Grades 3-5 students can participate in competitive sports in the fall, winter, and spring seasons. This collaboration has introduced dynamic coed flag football and futsal teams, along with individual competitions like swim meets and golf tournaments.


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Lower School P.E. and Athletics Team

Josh Moreno

Josh Moreno

Athletics Assistant, CSAL Coordinator
Tim Tullar

Tim Tullar

LS PE Teacher