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(Left to Right) The winning team of Saffron Bennett-Spurlock, Emma Seneshen, Tess Hayden, Alexandra May, Carolyn Johnsen, Lola Faix, Grace Murphy, and Lilly Humber.

The eight-member Mock Trial "A Team" of St. Mary's Academy earned 2nd Place honors in the Arapahoe County Regional Mock Trial Tournament on February 20 and will advance to the state competition in March. 

"We are delighted to be able to represent SMA at the state competition," says four-year member Lilly. "Finding out we were the highest scoring team in our final round was such a rewarding moment, and we couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of those watching!”

The nearly 40-year tradition of the Colorado Bar Association was adapted for the pandemic this year, placing the contestant prosecution and defense teams in Zoom courtrooms instead traditional courtrooms at the courthouse. The extra challenges did not deter the students, who were roundly praised by Judge John L. Wheeler of the Colorado District Court, who presided over the final round.

"I've not been so impressed in years!" he remarked of the St. Mary's Academy vs. Kent Denver teams in the final round. "The confidence...the eye contact...truly phenomenal."

A team from Regis Jesuit High School gained top berth in the two-day tournament, with teams from Kent Denver rounding out the top four teams headed to state. 

"I am so proud of the effort all our teams put in, given the difficulties of not being able to directly work together. They've learned to adapt and embrace these challenges and still seek to constantly improve," says faculty sponsor, Latricia Davis. The winning team also received coaching from local attorneys Chris Humber and Alan Pogue.

St. Mary's Academy fielded three teams totaling 29 students at this year's competition that was coordinated by the Arapahoe County Bar Association, which often sees top winners at the state championships.

The Mock Trial Program is a positive academic program that gives students an opportunity to expand their speaking, writing, reading, and analytical skills while learning about the judicial system. Mock trial teams are composed of six to twelve students who perform a case for the Prosecution/Plaintiff and/or the Defense. In most cases, an actual Colorado judge or magistrate presides over the trial round while attorneys, paralegals and community members adjudicate the student performances. In any mock trial round, three students serve as attorneys to argue their side of the case, and three students serve as witnesses for direct and cross-examinations.

The Colorado State Mock Trial Champion team will participate in the National High School Mock Trial Championship (NHSMTC) tournament held in May. For more information about the NHSMTC, go to

Exploring Intersectionality: Afro-Latino Identity by Missy McConnell, Lower School Librarian

In St. Mary's Academy grade 4 and grade 5 classes, Señora McCall, Lower School Spanish Teacher, recently introduced students to the topic of intersectionality, that is, bridging more than one world with multiple identities. Students watched engaging video interviews that shared the lived experience of individuals who identify as Latino and Black. After watching, students shared their observations, ideas, and questions. 

Students explored the idea of ethnicity versus race, how some people make assumptions based on the way a person looks, and reflected on the perceptions of others based on cultural standards of beauty. Students discussed the advantages and challenges of living in both worlds as a “double minority”, while not feeling fully accepted by either one. 

“Just ask someone, instead of assuming what they are. Not understanding the heritage of another person and not trying to understand them is rude. It’s rude to assume that you know more about someone than they know about themselves!” one fourth grade student commented. 

“It is hard to never assume things about people,” another student acknowledged.

“I think people assume more because they don’t know about the culture or identity of a person instead of trying to be rude.” Another student said, “People should learn more about each other before judging each other.”

Students also discussed the common assumption that if someone is Latino they must be from Mexico. Señora McCall shared an experience of when she had first moved to the United States from Chile, and someone invited her to eat tacos. She had never eaten a taco before, and the person thought since she spoke Spanish, of course she would have experience eating tacos. She explained that this type of assumption happens quite often. 

“I am really impressed and interested in your ideas and thoughts,” Señora McCall encouraged. “You are a generation that will change our society, which is why all of this is so important.”


SMA Artists Win Gold, Silver Key Awards in Scholastic Art Awards

St. Mary's Academy senior Bree Horn earned state recognition for four works of photography in the 2020 Scholastic Art Awards, including a Gold Key (above: "Child of the Earth") and three Silver Key awards.

A work of art created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, by SMA junior Rishika Kartik, garnered a Silver Key award for "Welcome to the Masquerade (Destroying Social Stigmas in a Pandemic)". Click slideshow below.

The 2020 awards, the longest-running and most prestigious competition for creative teenagers in the United Stated, drew nearly 320,000 art and writing entries despite the challenges facing students in America during the pandemic.

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