SMA’s Tradition of Service

Regina Drey SL

Beginning with our youngest students, SMA’s commitment to service is a long-standing tradition rooted in Loretto, and we continue to find inspiration in Loretto’s words: 

“Rejoicing in and strengthened by our mutual love, we go forth to meet our farther neighbors in their human needs and aspirations. We seek to reach out beyond boundaries imposed by any differences that tend to separate us.”   From I Am the Way, The Constitutions of the Sisters of Loretto

The sisters’ annals, student newspapers and photo files chronicle service beginning in the early years. The commemorative book, St. Mary’s Academy: 150 Years, describes SMA’s involvement in World War I:

“During World War I, the St. Mary’s Academy Alumnae Auxiliary formed a Red Cross Unit and work was begun at once by the sisters, the alumnae, and the girls in the school to make hospital garments and bandages, and to knit scarves, blankets, and socks for hospitalized soldiers. The senior class gave a benefit dance and raised $100 for the War Work Fund. Students organized the St. Mary’s Academy Savings Society and sold liberty bonds and stamps.  The school was equally involved in World War II.”

SMA’s acts of service have been varied and often responsive to the times. These include sisters providing food for Indigenous people, likely of the Ute tribe, and students collecting medical supplies, rebuilding homes after Katrina, serving at St. Elizabeth’s lunch line, sending candy to soldiers in Afghanistan where one of our teachers was stationed, sorting items at local food banks, and taking service trips to Loretto’s Motherhouse, to name a few.

Our Loretto School Values call us to live by faith, create community, seek justice and show respect. Even with the pandemic, our tradition of service continues strong.