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23rd Annual Diversity Day: Identity is our Strength, Diversity is our Power

High School celebrated its 23rd annual Diversity Day on Feb. 6, allowing students to explore and celebrate diversity in our world with the theme "Identity is our Strength, Diversity is our Power." The event showcased a variety of experiences, cultures, and backgrounds, allowing students to understand their peers better and celebrate the beauty of the differences that exist in our world.

Diversity Day is sponsored and organized by the Diversity Club, under the leadership of Co-Presidents Maria Storch and Andrea Hernandez, both seniors.

Keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and performances delved into challenging misunderstandings of Indigenous communities, confronting and dismantling ableism, and offering vibrant introductions to salsa dancing, capoeira, and other cultural expressions. The event celebrated the diversity of our students through an international potluck and captivating fashion and talent shows, showcasing attire, songs, and dances from Germany, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, and South Korea. 

The day's keynote speakers were Hailima Yates, CEO and Founder of Luv Mrk, author of Dissolving the Anchor and seasoned Mindset Coach, and Mason Estes, Colorado local and Native American Activist from the La Jolla Band Luiseño and project coordinator for the Implementation Project at the Native American Rights Fund. Afternoon entertainment included a riveting performance by Kalama Polynesian Dancers.

Breakout session presentions included:

  • Access to Healthy Food is Our Right, not a Privilege, by Carrie Shores
  • Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts, Dance, and Music by Lewis Lease
  • Confronting and Dismantling Ableism by Mailik Gooch, Seyanna Hitt, and Dawn Howard
  • Empowering Self Worth: Rising Above Influences to Embrace Your Value by Hailima Yates
  • Introduction to Salsa Dancing by Devon Near-Hill
  • Owning Your Story: Native American Representation and Misrepresentation in Media by Mason Estes
  • School of Breaking: Learning Hip-Hop Dance and Culture by Chase Everett
  • Tai Chi: A Fighting Art Better Suited to Health and Mindfulness by John Burns
  • The Game of Life by Susan Vaho
  • The Power of Choice: Shared Lessons Learned from Anne Frank’s Father Otto Frank by Roz Duman and Cara Wilson-Granat
  • You Create Diversity by Andrea Loya

A huge round of applause to the Diversity Club for their diligence in planning the guest speakers, activities, demonstrations, and discussions. Thanks to faculty, staff, and students for making this event a reality. It was an incredible experience!