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With awe, last week I sat for the first time at my desk in the president’s office in the Sanders House, having officially assumed the role on July 1. I look forward to working during the summer and getting the school ready to welcome you all in the fall. In the meantime, I am ‘setting up my desk' with the tools needed to guide our great institution forward as its eighth president. 

I am humbled by the vision of the Sisters of Loretto who themselves set up office in the Sanders House in 1952 (71 years ago!) when they had the foresight to move from downtown Denver to a location that could serve the growing metropolitan area, a new place to set down roots and grow. From the Sanders House, they immediately oversaw construction of the first classroom building which is now the Lower School, followed by the High School in 1964 upon the 100th anniversary of St. Mary’s Academy, and more spaces for our learners, performers, and athletes thereafter. 

I am guided by the strategic thinking of the Sisters that opened the board of trustees to lay persons and established the office of the president in 1977. I am inspired by the open-mindedness and creativity of the incredible faculty at SMA that models compassion, belonging, and intellectual curiosity every day. I am grateful for the relationships that have brought me success as an educator, leader, and partner with faculty, staff, and families. I am motivated by the challenges of the rapidly evolving world and the next generation of students, as well as our alumnae, who insist on shared accountability as caretakers of our planet and each other. 

At St. Mary’s Academy, we have always recognized the role that community plays in our success. It’s why we hold it as a deep core belief and Loretto School Value. It’s my promise to you that I will make decisions and critically evaluate programming based on this principle. I will remember the support the community gave toward my appointment, the patience and trust you demonstrated during our transition period, and the feedback and ideas you have generously provided during our coffee conversations and visioning survey. We will celebrate our Preschool-Grade 12 community often and in awesome ways. For if we promise to inspire leaders to build community, we must embrace this practice with great intention ourselves.

I accept with deep gratitude the responsibility vested in me as president and head of school. Front and center in my mind are:

Our Mission - St. Mary’s Academy fosters excellence in each child through academic achievement, spiritual development, and service. The Loretto School Values of faith, community, justice, and respect provide the foundation for students to be powerful agents of change.

Our Vision - Inspiring leaders to act with integrity, seek justice, build community, and change the world.

Our mission and vision are student-centered, precisely as they should be. As a former parent, teacher, and principal at SMA, this will never be lost on me. I can’t wait until our campus populates in August with our miraculous human beings, big and small. I love them all and will work hard, work smart, and work with heart to serve them now and with a wise eye on the future. 

Until then, my office is open to parents, faculty, and staff who wish to share their thoughts this summer. Please reach out to Lori Scott at to make an appointment, and I’ll look forward to meeting with you.