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Junior Bea Hunt Awarded a Silver Key at Scholastic Art Awards

Junior Bea Hunt has been awarded a Silver Key at the state level in the Scholastic Art Awards for her impactful engraving titled "Thank you for Shopping with Us!". The awards are the nation’s longest-running competitive program for Grades 7-12.

Bea's artwork features profound visuals of the environmental issues we face today. In her piece, a plastic shopping bag replaces the head of a squid, with the tentacles of the squid blending into various types of plastic waste commonly found in our oceans. 

Andrew Beckham, High School 2D Art Teacher and Visual Arts Department Chair, said of Bea's work, "Her artwork is clear evidence that art can be a powerful tool for raising awareness, sparking both empathy and righteous indignation, and becoming a catalyst for bringing about change. Our student artists are also student activists and leaders, and I couldn't be prouder of Bea for this recognition!".

Congrats to Bea for this well-deserved recognition!