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Senior Diana Velez Scores Perfectly on AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam

Congrats to Senior Diana Velez for earning a perfect score on the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam this past spring! 

AP Exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5. Diana received the top score of 5 and was one of only 247 students worldwide to earn every point possible on the exam.

“Diana is an amazing student, and we couldn’t be more proud of her. It’s extremely rare and hard to imagine earning every possible point on an AP exam!” said Michelle Hayden, High School Interim Co-Principal. “I applaud her efforts and those of our high school Spanish department. Congratulations, Diana!”

“AP courses are college level, requiring great focus and persistence among participating students,” said Trevor Packer, the national head of the Advanced Placement Program. “We applaud the educators who encourage students to challenge themselves, who motivate and encourage diverse students to achieve their academic potential.” 

The Advanced Placement Program is committed to ensuring students have access to the opportunities they have earned. Students who succeed in AP are more likely to succeed in college and have the chance to save a significant amount of time and money by earning college credit or placement.

Colleges and universities worldwide receive AP scores for college credit, advanced placement, and/or consideration in the admission process.