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Check out our next group of spring sport athletes in April's Athletes of the Month! This month, coaches from the Middle School Baseball, High School Soccer, and High School teams are sharing their featured athletes with us. These students stand out by being encouraging teammates, hard workers, and dedicated athletes. Congratulations, to this month's featured athletes! Check out what their coaches have to say:

Varsity Soccer: Eleanor Bante
Ellie has become a leading scorer for the Wildcats, scoring 5 goals in their last two games. As a freshman, she came into the team ready to work hard and earn time on the field, which has resulted fruitfully for the team. Her bubbly personality always cheers the team up and her dedication to the sport is infectious.

JV Soccer: Addie Wester
Addie's natural leadership abilities and contagious positive attitude propel the team to challenge themselves to focus and progress on the work we doing regardless if it's for an exercise, drill, and/or game. She's always willing to play at the varsity level whenever asked knowing that it will help her get to the next level of play.

Varsity Golf: Amelia Parrott
As a freshman, Amelia qualified to play on the Varsity golf team and is one of the top 4 golfers. She is a very talented athlete and an asset to our SMA golf team. Amelia is dedicated and determined to play her best golf every time she plays in a tournament. As a result, she will be representing SMA in the Regional tournament as one of our top 4 golfers. Congratulations Amelia!

JV Golf: Annabelle Good
Annabelle is an amazing athlete and decided to play golf for SMA. She played on Advanced JV and shot her personal best on 9 holes. Annabelle stepped up to the plate in one of our tournaments and played her first 18-hole round and did really well. As a result, she "swung up" to Varsity because she was determined to play 18 holes and give it her best. Annabelle works very hard on her golf game to improve her skills! We are so proud to have Annabelle on the SMA golf team! Congratulations Annabelle!  

Grade 6 Baseball: Charlie White
Charlie is a great team player who constantly shows great sportsmanship and spreads positivity throughout games and practices. Charlie has shown tremendous growth in his baseball and leadership skills. He's the kind of kid every coach loves to have on their team!

Grade 7/8 Baseball: Rami Sedhom
Rami is an exceptional athlete who excels in any position he is asked to play and does so with no hesitation. Rami is a player you can truly rely on and shows great leadership well doing so.