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Check out our final group of winter sport athletes in February's Athletes of the Month! This month, coaches from Grade 7 Basketball, Grades 6 and 7/8 Dance Team, and High School Dance Team are sharing their featured athletes with us. These students stand out by being encouraging teammates, hard workers, and dedicated athletes. Congratulations, to this month's featured athletes! Check out what their coaches have to say:


Grade 6 Dance: Bria Tenney
Bria is kind, helpful to her classmates, participates in every class, and performs with heart, every time. Bria's love of dance is evident when she steps onto the stage to perform. She is both a joy to watch and to be around. Way to go, Bria!

Grade 7/8 Dance: Cece Venable
Ceci is an incredibly motivated and dedicated individual. Throughout the dance season, she had an inspiring attitude and a positive outlook, even through tough dance routines! She is a team leader and always encourages her peers. Great work Ceci!


Varsity Dance: Allyson Martinez
Allyson consistently brings positive energy to the dance group, gives 100% of herself, and always encourages her teammates.  She provides constructive feedback and her ideas are appreciated. She is a joy to watch perform, and a joy to her team. Congrats, Allyson!


Grade 7 Boys Basketball: George Spiel
George is the definition of perseverance and resilience. George exudes respect and is always thinking of his team and our community. In fact, George is a thinker. He is always thinking, both on and off the court. His smart brand of play enhanced our team dynamics and helped us to finish our season strong.  

Grade 7 Girls Basketball: Parker Gunter
Parker is a great athlete to have on your team. She is very coachable, a leader by example, and a strong athlete with great composure on the court. She has a bright future due to her work ethic, and her teammates look to her for encouragement and support.