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Check out our final group of spring sport athletes in May's Athletes of the Month! This month, coaches from the Middle School Soccer, High School Tennis, and High School Track are sharing their featured athletes with us. These students stand out by being encouraging teammates, hard workers, and dedicated athletes. Congratulations, to this month's featured athletes! Check out what their coaches have to say:

Track and Field: Lulu Zeppelin
It has been a great year getting to watch Lulu progress as a runner. Lulu always comes to practice ready to work with her shinning attitude and cheerful demeanor. She was an integral part of the 4X800 that made it to the state tournament and has excelled in her individual events as well. At the Windjammer Invitational, Lulu accomplished a new personal record in 1600 meter that landed her a spot at Nike Outdoor Nationals! We are so proud of all Lulu's success and can not wait to cheer on this summer when she competes in Eugene, OR. Way to go Lulu!!!

Varsity Tennis: Ellie White
Ellie, a sophomore, has been our #1 singles player for the last two years. She has been the regional champion and state qualifier in both years. She is a wonderful tennis player, exhibits sportsmanship at practice and in matches, and is a valuable part of the team. She has a competitive spirit with a kind heart and a wonderful singing voice - which makes bus rides more fun!

JV Tennis: Luci Walker
Luci has been a wonderful part of the tennis team and we will miss her next year. As a senior on the JV team, she was a leader who the younger girls looked up to. Every day she put forth effort with a positive attitude. She was encouraging to her teammates and flexible to the changing needs of both the JV and varsity teams. She would play any position on either team with a smile on her face and a desire to become a better tennis player each day. We will miss her and wish her well in the future!

Grade 8 Soccer: Cody Schlesinger
Not only does Cody arrive at each practice and game ready and eager to play soccer, but she also finds the appropriate pockets of time at practice to laugh, encourage, and hang out with her teammates. Cody demonstrates leadership with her attitude and her patience. She is a great mentor to and supporter of her teammates new to the sport of soccer. Cody is also relentless and never seems to tire. She is a force in our defensive back line. When you watch her stop and sweep the defensive third, she is "Not On My Watch" personified. She attacks, dispossesses, and distributes ceaselessly. Cody transitions to the attack with ease, and has the dribbling ability to leave many defenders in her wake. Her style of play is categorically fun to watch. She inspires her teammates and her coach with her dedication to and her love of the game of soccer 

Grade 7 Soccer: Remy MacDonald
Remy always comes to practice with a positive attitude and a smile on her face ready to work hard and have fun! She is always supportive of her teammates. She is aways cheering on her fellow players during drills and especially on the pitch during games. SMA is very luck to have Remy on our team! Way to go Remy!

Grade 6 Soccer: Cami Alvariza
Cami comes to all practices and games ready to put in her top effort. As a skilled soccer player, she is always ready to help out other teammates with technical skills and a better understanding of the principals of soccer.