We are a school that teaches and acts out the fundamental message of God as taught and lived by Jesus, to love without bounds.

We practice this message in the Catholic Loretto tradition: recognizing the dignity of all people, loving in an inclusive and unconditional way, caring for and respecting all of creation; and where there is injustice, acting for change.

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We are:

A school that believes the fundamental message of God as taught and lived by Jesus, to love without bounds. We practice this message in the Catholic Loretto tradition of putting faith beliefs and spirituality into action through:

  • Teaching the message of our faith to love inclusively and unconditionally, to love even those who some consider “outsiders”: the marginalized of society—the poor, those oppressed, without homes, or devalued because of their social status, gender, economic level, sexual orientation, race, or religion.
  • Respecting people of all backgrounds. We teach and model respect and understanding of others’ ways of thinking, their beliefs, human longings, sorrows, and joys. This teaching allows for a deeper understanding of others and of one’s own convictions in an increasingly complex, multicultural, and multi-religious world. This learning engenders compassion.
  • Creating community by living up to the standard for Christian life: loving as God loves, unconditionally and all-inclusively. We build relationships with others that are characterized by a Godly kind of love: compassionate, just, forgiving, nurturing. The strength and love of our community is felt in the hallways, in our hearts, and in our lives outside of our school walls. On good days and difficult days, the community is a source and a font of strength, and inspiration.
  • Making justice more real through the actions of individuals and groups. We are committed to empowering our students and one another to be “bridge builders,” for a world community in need of solidarity and support for fair and just treatment, pursuit of the common good, and advocacy for the poor and most vulnerable among us.

We are a school that celebrates Godly presence and love in our midst through:

  • Celebrating God’s presence in Eucharistic celebrations and other prayer opportunities
  • Fostering a school culture where each person’s God-given value and dignity is respected and given the opportunity for fullness of expression
  • Offering religious studies classes across the divisions in order to foster religious literacy and age appropriate understandings of the ways people experience and share God’s presence
  • Dedicating time, talents and resources to serve those in need within and outside of our school community.

Join the SMA Prayer Group

The Prayer Group meets in the High School, in Our Lady of Loretto Oratory. The blessed Eucharist is reserved in the tabernacle, making this an especially meaningful place for prayer. Prayer group meetings are held the first Wednesday of each school month at 9:15 a.m.

In addition to the Prayer Group gatherings there is a 24/7 email prayer chain.  Click HERE to submit your prayer requests.  There are also prayer boxes located at the entrance of each school.

For more details, please contact SMA parent, Adriana Williams at: smaprayergroup@gmail.com or click HERE for more information.


Click HERE for a list of books on spirituality