Student Clubs

There are a wide variety of clubs and enrichment at St. Mary’s Academy for each division. As early as 1st Grade, offerings of Boy Scouts or Daisies to Lego Robotics which becomes more robust through the years. Middle School students participate in clubs recognized as Loretto Leaders. Honored by their peers and teachers for living the values of faith, community, justice, and respect every day, students are the directors of programs and projects. A highlight is the student-driven Spirit Week of friendly competition to benefit local charities.

When the girls are in high school, clubs meet during and after school enhancing the curriculum and their growth.

2018 - 2019 High School Club Meeting Dates

to be announced shortly!

St. Mary’s High School Clubs

Amnesty International Club

An organization that has, for many years, worked to free those who are oppressed by authoritarian governments and organizations. The work of this organization is well known for its involvement of individuals like each of us to offer our voices to advocate for people enslaved by injustice.

Astronomy Club

We will be viewing stars at the Star Gazing parties, learning to use telescopes, getting familiar with the science of astronomy and overall being awed by the firmament. All students welcome- come be part of our club, it is out of this world, we promise!

Chinese Club

Students will be watching Chinese movies and shows, sharing Chinese/Asian food and drink, and talking about Chinese culture.

Diversity Club

The Diversity Club (aka The Common Ground Club) is a club whose purpose is to promote understanding around the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. This club sponsors the Diversity Day and is involved in monthly round tables, affinity groups and bringing speakers to the school concerning these issues.

Environmental Club

This club focuses on environmental awareness and practices within the school and sets goals to improve SMA’s conservation efforts such as composting, recycling, and energy conservation. The club plans all activities for Earth Week and organizes fundraisers for environmentally conscious organizations

FOR Club (Stands for Friends Of Rachel)

Continue to share and foster Rachel Joy Scott’s examples of KINDNESS and ACCEPTANCE that came to light when she became the first victim of the Columbine High School tragedy. – LOOK FOR THE BEST IN OTHERS – DREAM BIG – CHOOSE POSITIVE INFLUENCES – SPEAK WITH KINDNESS – START YOUR OWN CHAIN REACTION “You never know how far a little kindness can go.” – Rachel Joy Scott

French Club

Students in French Club will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with aspects of French and French-speaking culture through food, film, arts & crafts, and field trips. The club is open to all students regardless of their world language enrollment.

Genetics Club

The Genetics Club focuses on the overall study of bioengineering and genetics in a fun, interactive way. We will do some labs/experiments such as gel electrophoresis, PTC testing, DNA extraction, bacteria replication, and much more. We hope to have a few guest speakers come in to talk to us about genetic disorder, and advances in bioengineering this year as well. No previous experience is required, and everyone is welcome to join. We also promise to bring lots of food when possible.

Karaoke and Crafts

Unconver your hidden artistic talents with Karaoke and Crafts. We will sing loudly and proudly as we create Pinterest´s greatest hits

Kinetic Sculpture Club

Design and build a site-specific work of art that moves with the elements and interacts with the surrounding environment: engineering and art coming together!

Library Advisory Club (Fab Lab)

The SMA Library is looking for a few GREAT Smirls to join the Library Advisory Board! The LAB will be asked to give input on books purchased for the HS Library, contribute to blogs or other library publications such as bibliographies, help lead/create programs for the FAB LAB, and influence how their library serves the high school community! There will be snacks and such.


The Outreach/Empty Bowls Club helps others through organizing school-wide collection drives, the Bonfils Blood Drive, and running the Empty Bowls fundraiser for the Loretto Hunger Fund. .

Pre-Med Club

The Pre-Med Club is to provide an out of class environment where students, interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine, can come to learn and share information regarding this related fields. Our members can participate in interactive activities, tours of medical facilities and will meet with guest speakers. Our club also strives to participate in volunteer activity. This is a great way for students to get involved in the SMA community.

The Quill (Journalism Club)

“The Quill” is a journalism club that publishes St. Mary’s online Newspaper. Members of “The Quill” write, edit, and publish articles with accompanying photographs on local, national, and international current events. Members also write regular features and are encouraged to write about their own interests.


UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund, which gives much-needed humanitarian and developmental aid to needy children and mothers in 190 countries around the world. The UNICEF club will focus on three main goals, which are fundraising, as UNICEF depends on donations to help it run, spreading awareness of UNICEF, and advocating for its mission. Please join me and together we can help create a brighter future for the children of the world!

World Culture & Geography Club

In the World Culture & Geography club, we will learn about the music, food, language(s), traditions, and people of a variety of nations, while also studying maps, flags, and physical features.