Student Clubs

There are a wide variety of clubs and enrichment at St. Mary’s Academy for each division. As early as 1st Grade, offerings of Boy Scouts or Daisies to Lego Robotics which becomes more robust through the years. Middle School students participate in clubs recognized as Loretto Leaders. Honored by their peers and teachers for living the values of faith, community, justice, and respect every day, students are the directors of programs and projects. A highlight is the student-driven Spirit Week of friendly competition to benefit local charities.

When the girls are in high school, clubs meet during and after school enhancing the curriculum and their growth.

2019- 2020 High School Club Meeting Dates

September 18

October 23

November 20

January 29

February 12

March 11

April 22


Astronomy Club

We will be viewing stars at the Star Gazing parties, learning to use telescopes, getting familiar with the science of astronomy and overall being awed by the firmament. All students welcome- come be part of our club, it is out of this world, we promise!

Bullet Journal Club

Bullet Journal Club is where anyone with any level of experience can bullet journal with other people along the way. It is a place where you can bullet journal, find inspiration, and build creativity.

Business Club

Students explore various aspects of the business world, including marketing, entrepreneurship, tech startups, and investments. They have the opportunity to compete in the Stock Market Game, and to interact directly with members of the Denver business community, in order to learn what it takes to be successful in a business career

Countries of SMA

This club focuses on the various Spanish speaking countries and cultures represented in our student body as well as those that are not (yet). In each club meeting, members celebrate a particular culture in a variety of ways, including sampling its food, music, dance and folklore as well as in group discussions and brief presentations.

Crafting Club or Library Advisory Club

Throughout the year,  this club will be using its crafty skills to better the world one handmade project at a time.  The finished projects will be distributed on and off campus to promote a variety of social issues in a beautiful way.

Diversity Club

The Diversity Club (aka The Common Ground Club) is a club whose purpose is to promote understanding around the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. This club sponsors the Diversity Day and is involved in monthly round tables, affinity groups and bringing speakers to the school concerning these issues. This club also works with the wider community around issues of diversity including some members of the club are involved in: STAMP (Students Taking Action and Making Progress), Cherry Creek Diversity Day (some members are on the executive committee), and the Black Women Lead Summit.

Environmental Science Club

This club focuses on environmental awareness and practices within the school and sets goals to improve SMA’s conservation efforts such as composting, recycling, and energy conservation. The club plans all activities for Earth Week and organizes fundraisers for environmentally conscious organizations

FOR Club (Stands for Friends Of Rachel)

Continue to share and foster Rachel Joy Scott’s examples of KINDNESS and ACCEPTANCE that came to light when she became the first victim of the Columbine High School tragedy. – LOOK FOR THE BEST IN OTHERS – DREAM BIG – CHOOSE POSITIVE INFLUENCES – SPEAK WITH KINDNESS – START YOUR OWN CHAIN REACTION “You never know how far a little kindness can go.” – Rachel Joy Scott

French Club

Students in French Club will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with aspects of French and French-speaking culture through food, film, arts & crafts, and field trips. The club is open to all students regardless of their world language enrollment.

Genetics Club

The Genetics Club focuses on the overall study of bioengineering and genetics in a fun, interactive way. We will do some labs/experiments such as gel electrophoresis, PTC testing, DNA extraction, bacteria replication, and much more. We hope to have a few guest speakers come in to talk to us about genetic disorder, and advances in bioengineering this year as well. No previous experience is required, and everyone is welcome to join. We also promise to bring lots of food when possible.

Introduction to Programming

The Introduction to Programming Club brings students together to share resources and motivation to learn programming. The group will see applications of programming and explore online resources. All students will be introduced to Python with the option of exploring other languages of interest.

Investment Club

About 8% of partners at top Venture Capital firms are women. Investing in good ideas and opportunities is core to the global economic system and historically women have been left out. The Investment Club part of the solution. Club members participate in the Stock Market Challenge put on by Economic Literacy Colorado where students have the chance to win real money. In addition to learning about investing strategies students learn from female investing leaders from the Denver area.

Loba and Boba (Cards Club)

Loba and Boba was founded on the names of a Bolivian card game (Loba) and a recently popularized Taiwanese drink that has overtaken the likes of teens everywhere. Each club meeting is based around the cultivating of new friendships, a broadened sense of culture, and pure enjoyment. We meet for fun but also to decompress. Loba provides friendly competition and intellectual stimulant found outside of the classroom and Boba allows the girls to connect and chit chat over a delicious drink. Our goal is to allow the members to connect outside of their phone in a school setting.

Open Studio Club

Open Studio provides students with time, space and materials to explore the visual arts. The club is ideal for students who are serious about developing a portfolio, as well as for students who just want an opportunity to work creatively outside of structured coursework.

Outreach/Empty Bowls Club

The Outreach/Empty Bowls Club helps others through organizing school-wide collection drives, the Bonfils Blood Drive, and running the Empty Bowls fundraiser for the Loretto Hunger Fund.

Pre-Med Club

The PreMed Club is dedicated to educating the members about professions in the medical field. Each monthly meeting discusses a new topic and field in medicine and contributes to the broad scope of information. This is achieved through field trips, speakers, and activities that work toward an understanding of the topic in a fun and interactive way.

The Quill (Journalism Club)

“The Quill” is a journalism club that publishes St. Mary’s online Newspaper. Members of “The Quill” write, edit, and publish articles with accompanying photographs on local, national, and international current events. Members also write regular features and are encouraged to write about their own interests.

Short Subject/Film Club

The Short Film Club is an opportunity to watch and discuss short films across many genres – animation, documentary, stop motion, social commentary, sci-fi, etc.  Ultimately, each student will create their own film using iMovie and other editing software.

Ukulele Club

The Ukulele Club is for beginners through experienced players. During this musical interlude in the busy school day, students learn simple chords and strums, and then choose songs they want to play as a group. The favorites are shared with the SMA community at the annual High School Talent Show. Learning to play fun songs on a fairly simple instrument provides stress relief and a sense of accomplishment. Who doesn’t like to play and hear happy music?!

Yoga Club

Yoga is beneficial for building and maintaining mental and physical strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. We welcome yogis of all abilities and strive to create an environment where you can tap into your creativity and authentic self through physical practice, meditation, and journaling.


Literary Magazine

The Burning Page is the high school's literary and arts magazine. Published annually, the Burning Page is a student-run publication, from the submission of work to the editorial process to the design and layout of the magazine. 


The MICE program is a one of a kind opportunity to learn about all elements of technology on a school campus and beyond.  New MICE will work closely with an experienced Mouse mentor on various hands-on projects including audio/video equipment, networking, computer hardware troubleshooting, web site design, graphic design, software and inventory management, coding, and more!  You will learn invaluable skills that can lead to future employment while you attend college.  And perhaps best of all, you will be paid an hourly wage!

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a competition between more than 100 high school teams across Colorado. Students across the state receive the same case and they work together to develop a theme, opening, and closing statements, as well as lines for questioning. Students present their case in a county tournament which takes place over two days at a local courthouse and perform their case in front of judges and witnesses. A few teams from the county tournament are selected to move on to a State Tournament. Students learn about the American legal system while developing public speaking skills.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity at SMA in which students research and role play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees.  Thousands of middle school, high school, and college students across the country and around the world participate in Model United Nations, which involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.


SMAbotics ( is one of the few ALL-GIRL competitive FIRST robotics teams in the United States.  FIRST is an international robotics competition whose competitive season runs January through April  (more information available at  Off-season training is provided during the Fall where new participants are trained in the basics of robotics, from CAD & fabrication, to electronics & programming.  Community Outreach is integral to the program and occurs throughout the year.   Outreach includes (student) mentorship of St. Mary's middle school BEST robotics team and lower school FIRST Lego League teams (September-December), as well as participation in National Conferences (WICT Tech-It-Out & SCTE) and robotics demonstrations and instructional camps for the greater Denver community.

Affinity Groups

Black Affinity Group

The Black Affinity Group promotes building all females up by promoting conversation about challenging subjects, growth with oneself, and building the confidence of ethic women to voice their opinions. We also bring awareness about issues and think of ways to solve problems within our community. The Black Affinity Group builds a community that feels safe with the school and the outer world.

Latina Affinity Group

The Latina Affinity Group consists of approximately 55 high school girls. Our purpose is to be engaged in the Latino Community as our generation heads into a new era of social justice. We also foster an environment where we can support each others personal and educational needs, as well as our strong sense of culture.

Asian Affinity Group

The Asian Affinity Group is a dedicated space created to discuss social, economic, and political issues surrounding the Asian community. We welcome those who share common interests and backgrounds regarding ethnic and racial experiences. There are student run meetings which create a safe environment to discuss sensitive topics. In addition, we strive to make a positive impact in our community by spreading awareness of the Asian experience through group events and fundraisers.

LBGTQ+ Affinity Group

In the LGBTQ+ Affinity Group, we are dedicated to create a safe place for anyone and everyone who either defines themselves as being in the community or an ally of the community. We focus on having a support system for those who need it as well as discussing current world issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community.