Health Services

St.Mary's Academy provides a full range of Health Services under the oversight of Debbie Bradley, MS, BSN, RN, CCHC, NCSN, CPNP and support staff at or 303.762.8300 x 256.  

Please visit the SMA Parent Portal for specific health forms and back-to-school authorizations. 

Medical and parent authorization/permission is needed for medication to be given at school and should be updated and provided each year (forms are good for a maximum of one year from signed date). Any medication that your child might need while at school should be provided by you; the school does not provide any medication for student use.  Please bring non-expired medication to each division in the original packaging, and, if a prescription, with a prescription label and the appropriate forms.

Pre-K / K-5 / EDP /:  need the Permission to Administer medication  form for over-the-counter (like acetaminophen and ibuprofen) and prescription medication.

Middle School:  need Permission to Self Carry form for prescriptions.  No form is needed for students to self-carry over-the-counter medication (see policy).

High School: need Permission to Self Carry form for prescriptions.  No form is needed for students to self-carry over-the-counter medication (see policy).

Asthma and Allergies for all Divisions:  If your child has asthma or allergies, please have your medical provider sign and complete the correct care plan and provide the prescribed medication.

Other medical conditions:   Consider speaking with Nurse Debbie to discuss your child’s needs.


SMA requires a copy of your child’s immunizations or opt-out/exemptions each year at the start of the school year.

Kindergarten and incoming Grade 6 students need additional immunizations or an exemption for school attendance. Please discuss this with your health care provider or refer to the state immunization website.

Exemptions:  Forms need to be submitted to the state and a copy given to the school each fall (they expire in July of each year)  or when a child is due for that vaccine.


Pre-K/ ADC / ESA students need to have a general health appraisal (or similar physical form or statement) completed each year or when a physical is due for their age.  Please see these divisions to obtain their paperwork.

Lower School:  NO physical  (general health appraisal form) is needed unless requested.

Middle School / High School / Sports:  Required annually.

All forms are available on the Parent Portal of this website and within the SchoolDoc system through which you will complete all back-to-school forms.

Please contact each division for questions or speak to me personally to address your child’s health needs.Thank you for your support of your child while at school.  We appreciate completed forms in a timely manner with appropriate medication so your child is healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

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