Annual Fund

Five Weeks of Giving Campaign

The Annual fund supports your children in building bright futures. 

Give With Heart and support the Annual Fund during our Five Weeks of Giving Campaign, running from November 9 to December 8, Colorado Gives Day.

St. Mary’s Academy would not be the welcoming community that we are without your participation or your generosity. Because of YOU, St. Mary’s Academy is the exceptional school that we all know and love.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Annual Fund. Your gift will have an immediate impact on the students, teachers and community of St. Mary's Academy. 

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What is Colorado Gives Day?

The St. Mary’s Academy Five Weeks of Giving campaign will culminate with Colorado Gives Day on December 8, 2020. Colorado Gives Day features a $1 million incentive fund. St. Mary’s Academy will receive a percentage of this $1 million fund – the more money we raise on Colorado Gives Day, the higher percentage we receive. 

Did you know?

The Annual Fund supports programs that allow your child to explore their interests, develop passions, and become well-rounded adults in the future.

The Annual Fund helps your students to become curious about robotics and engineering, to learn how to play instruments and read music, to express themselves creatively, to take field trips and learn more about the outside world, to grow their reading and math skills, and so much more.