Raise Your Paddle



Wellness activities outside the classroom fosters creativity, critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and encourages curiosity, all of which are essential for success in STEAM. Incorporating educations outside the classroom can improve academic outcomes, including comprehension, literacy, and numeracy skills.                                          

  • We’re excited about transforming the Baseball and West Soccer Field grass areas into turf fields! These fields can be plowed to be used year-round, with the goal of providing Lower School students multiple opportunities for physical education and recess programs. The fields will also be open year-round for athletic games and practices in the Middle and High Schools.

  • With the installation of the year-round turf fields, Lower School students can experience the joys and benefits of organized sports that promote physical fitness, social skills, and confidence!

  • We are thrilled to announce that the turf is made of eco-friendly and sustainable materials as we strive to live out Loretto’s commitment to the health of the Earth. Installing 134,000 square feet of athletic turf and organic fill materials of sand and Amorim Cork will result in significant water savings. We will save 1.7 gallons of water per sq. ft. annually, equalling a whopping 250,000 gallons each year!

  • The new turfs will also feature a Foam ProPlay undersurface pad that is designed to provide a cushioned layer underneath the playing surface. This helps to reduce the impact of falls and minimize the risk of injury to players.

  • The new Daktronics scoreboard at Pam Bent Field is getting bigger and better! At more than twice the size, the new scoreboard will also featured an integrated sound system to accommodate a variety of events beyond athletics, like graduation, school spirit days and community events!

  • We’re excited to introduce our new community gardens this spring! They’ll be integrated into some curricula for Lower and Middle School students. Our summer campers will also be using the gardens. 

  • Installing air conditioning in BESC is a game changer for year-round athletics and activities, providing an optimal environment for athletes to train and compete no matter the season. 

  • BESC and the Middle School are both getting a major boost of school spirit thanks to the paddle raise, with the addition of an array of eye-catching graphics to the gym.

Every student will benefit from these upgrades, broadening our health, wellness, and athletics programs throughout the year and making the best use of our beautiful, greener campus.