Grandparents' Day

Join us on Friday, November 20, 2020 for this beloved St. Mary's Academy tradition. Grandparents' Day is a wonderful opportunity for grandparents (or grand friends) to visit St. Mary's Academy and see what makes our school so special. The morning starts off in the High School Forum with several performances from SMA's musical groups, followed by a pancake breakfast in the Community Center. After breakfast, grandparents are released to their grandchildren's classrooms where they spend a few hours learning, playing games and having fun with the rest of the class. Every grandparent leaves the day with a keepsake photo. For more information on Grandparents' Day, click here.

This year's Grandparents Day will be held virtually. Keep an eye out for more information! If you need to update your grandparents contact information, please use the Grandparent Information Update Form to do that. 

We look forward to a fun Grandparents' Day with you!

Grandparents Information Update Form

I attended my first SMA Grandparents Day and was delighted and impressed with with the entire experience. It was such a thoughtful way to include my generation in the children's education. Breakfast was delicious and the entertainment was stellar.  After being given the opportunity to participate as a member of the classrooms, I am convinced you have incredible, caring teachers who love what they do and pass their enthusiasm for learning along to the students. 

Jeanne Kilmer, SMA Grandparent
November, 2018

Grandparents' Day 2018